The local bellringers are leading the fundraising and implementation of our project. The implementation team, which includes friends and families, has many members and all have contributed to a greater or lesser extent in the project. They are, in alphabetical order:

Yvonne Armitage Chris Curry
Sue Fielder Liz Foster
Karin Hildreth Kevin Hildreth Tim Holmes
Keith Horne Jan Jack Glenys Jones  Alastair Lunn
Jess Milne Vicky Milne Peter Mothersill
Sue Mothersill Jennifer Patrick
Tim Pillinger Glenys Rogers Graham Rogers Mark Skinner Andrew Slade
Cathy Trewby Peter Trewby Michael Walton Charles Waterfall John Welch Susan Welch


Additionally members of the Church Community have been very helpful including:

The Rector - Canon John Chambers, David Frankton, Len and Susan Scrafton, Roy Morel, The Richmond Belles! (who provide refreshments for our public events in the Church) and many others.