The people behind the project


Richmond Bellringers

The local bellringers, pictured below, are leading the fundraising and implementation of our project. The implementation team, which includes the bellringers, friends and families, has many members and all have contributed to a greater or lesser extent in the project. They are, in alphabetical order by surname:

Yvonne Armitage Chris Curry
Sue Fielder Liz Foster
Karin Hildreth Kevin Hildreth Tim Holmes
Keith Horne Jan Jack Glenys Jones Alastair Lunn
Jess Milne Vicky Milne Peter Mothersill
Sue Mothersill Jennifer Patrick
Tim Pillinger Glenys Rogers Graham Rogers Mark Skinner Andrew Slade
Cathy Trewby Peter Trewby Michael Walton Charles Waterfall John Welch Susan Welch


Additionally members of the Church Community have been very helpful including:

The Rector - Canon John Chambers, David Frankton, Len and Susan Scrafton, Roy Morel, The Richmond Belles! (who provide refreshments for our public events in the Church) and many others.

Practitioners leading on our outreach to Schools and the Community

Ele Slade (Lead Practitioner / Facilitator)

Scenographer / Theatre & Opera Designer

Ele has initiated the creation of the schools workshops, is advising on aspects of the community days, is leading and designing the exhibitions to celebrate the project, and is running the visual and spatial design workshops in schools under the heritage theme ‘Bells & their Buildings - space, atmosphere, materials’. 

Ele’s full biography here


Stewart Melton

Writer / Director / Dramaturg

Stewart is running the text and spoken word workshops in schools under the Heritage Theme ‘The Social and Cultural History of Bellringing’. He will be working with the Local History Working Group to explore the old tower and parish records and documents.

Stewart’s full biography here


Bob Birch

Sound Designer / Composer

Bob is running the sound design workshops in schools, under the heritage theme ‘Bells as Sound - musicality, sound & shape’, and capturing field recordings of the old and new bells for our exhibitions and online archive / resource.

Bob’s full biography here


Rachel Drazek

Movement Director / Practitioner 

The movement practitioner is running the dance and movement workshops in schools under the heritage theme ‘Scientific Ringing - the traditional art of English bellringing’. She will be working with experienced ringers to explore method ringing as impulse for performance movement and group choreography.

 full biography here


Blake Byles

Filmmaker / Photographer

Blake is documenting the project through photography and film. A short documentary film will chart the progress of the bells and other aspects of the project and be shown in the Richmondshire Museum exhibition and the online archive / resource.

Blake’s full biography here


Callum Macdonald

Camera Operator

Callum is working with Blake to capture footage for the films.

Callum’s full biography here

John Taylor & Co The Loughborough Bellfoundry

We are also grateful to the bell foundry at Loughborough, John Taylor's & Co, who advised us throughout the project and designed, constructed and installed our new frames and the 13 bells.