Inscription and image of Seliok Bell from c.a. 1500

A complete description of the 1904 bells can be found on the page following this one accessed through the navigation arrow at the bottom of the page. One bell deserves a special mention however and that is the Seliok bell, the 6th of the 1904 ring of 8.

This bell was cast c.a. 1500 by a Nottingham Bell Founder called Seliok. There was a family of founders called of this name from Nottingham and instances of their bells can be found across North Yorkshire and other northern counties. Given the maker's mark on our bell it is likely to have been cast either by John Seliok who worked between 1470-1507 or his son Richard Seliok I 1507-1523. The dynasty finished with Richard Seliok II 1524-1548.

Inscription: Sca trinitas unus deus (Holy Trinity One God), Seliok Shield.

Image of Bell: Easby bell Foundry Mark: Seliok Founders Mark