The performances below are all on the ring of bells augmented to eight in 1904 by Warners of London, subsequently re-furbished and the frame strengthend by Taylor's of Loughborough in 1923.

The treble and second of this ring were transferred to the tower of St Faith at Dorstone, Herefordshire through the Keltek Trust and now form the treble and second of a ring of six.

The tenor bell now hangs in the Church in Kerela, South India, where it is the service bell.

The remaining five bells dating from, ca. 1530, 1697 (3bells) and 1739 are hung above the new ring of eight, cast and installed by Taylor's of Loughborough in a new frame. The five bells form part of an exhibition of artefacts and information about the bells and bellringing in Richmond.

The hanging of these five bells, the exhibition, the viewing platform and access work was achieved with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Richmond Surprise Major



Bristol Surprise Major and down in peal


Practice night at Richmond, December 16th 2016


The Westminster Chimes (Cambridge Quarters) on the old bells


Sunday morning service ringing 12th March 2017


The eight bells are raised and lowered one at a time.