The Peal Book was presented in 1910 but there are 12 records dating from April 17th 1896 to 31 March 1905 listed. Of these most are 720s of minor including Bob Minor, Canterbury Pleasure, Kent, Grandsire Minor, College Single, Oxford, Woodbine, Double Court, Violet and Duke of York. The final two entries are full peals of 5040 changes. The first of these, rung on March 4th 1902, was in four minor methods and is reported in the book as the first 5040 rung in the tower. This took three hours and six minutes to ring. The second full peal, rung on March 31st 1905, was of Plain Bob Major on the newly augmented eight. This took three hours and 24 minutes and was the first full peal on the eight bells.