The Darcy Bell shown below was donated by the local Member of Parliament of the same name in 1739 to complete the augmentation to six bells.

The new bell, cast by Sellers of York joined the Seliok of Nottingham bell (cast ~1500 - 1523) and the four Samuel Smith bells (cast in 1679), also a founder based in York. The new bell became the treble of the six.


The old 4th is one of those cast in 1797 by Samuel Smith of York. You can see 'ss ebor' on the inscription, the maker's mark for Samuel Smith and the old name of York, Ebor.



The images below were constructed by taking multiple photographs of each bell and then stitching them together and submitting them to the Sketchfab site. The site then makes a 3D model for display which appears in a new tab in your browser.

You can spin the bells round and get in close to see the inscriptions.

The raw images, taken by Blake Byles, were edited and re-lit by Professor Andrew Slade.


Samuel I Smith 1697 4th 

 Samuel I Smith 1697 5th 

 Seliok of Nottingham ca. 1530 6th 

 Samuel I Smith 1697 7th