This attendance book contains records of the tower during the period when it was adapting to the new 8 bells, installed in 1904. It covers the period leading up to and following the first world war.



This book runs from Easter Sunday 1930 until May 23rd 1948 with a gap between 10th June 1940 and 10th October 1945, inclusive. There are also a few records from 1st July 1962 until 9th December 1962. At the end of the book is a list of ringers attending with some visitors as well as local ringers mentioned. There is a list of people ringing for weddings from 7th August 1937 until 1st September 1956. Most entries name only one ringer, presumably they rang the Ellacombe chiming apparatus. On the 15th October 1937 the entry reads 'six bells'.